Wicked Enchantment by Anya Bast

Dark Magic, Book 1

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425232019

Reviewed by Jo



Aislinn Finvarra lives in the Rose Tower and is considered one of the purest of the Seelie.  Lately Aislinn has lost her best friend, who is now residing in Black Tower with her new husband, and was humiliated in front of the entire Rose Tower by her so-called boyfriend.  Aislinn is also bored with the endless parties, shopping and mindless things that fill the day of Rose Tower residents.  That is until she is given a special mission by her queen.

Gabriel Mac Braire has petitioned the Queen of the Rose Tower to defect and come live over there.  Since Gabriel is very highly placed in the Black Tower it is a bit odd that he would want to live somewhere that magic isn’t encouraged. When Gabriel is given Aislinn as his guide while deciding if he really wants to change his allegiance, it seems like his needs are being answered in more ways than one.

Aislinn is doing as the Queen asked, but she feels that something is off with Gabriel.  She just can’t understand what is behind his request and Gabriel really doesn’t seem to be embracing the life at Rose Tower.  Gabriel has his reasons for his request and not all of them are out into the open.  Aislinn’s attraction to Gabriel should have been expected since he is part incubus  However, it seems that Gabriel is just as affected as Aislinn is.  Betrayal is the name of the game as Aislinn and Gabriel discover answers that neither of them had a hint of.  It’s going to take every bit of magic, family and friends if Aislinn and Gabriel are going to exist long enough to see their love bloom.

Intrigue is in the air when Aislinn and Gabriel first meet.  Wicked Enchantment is the first full book in Anya Bast’s new series, Dark Magic, and it scores on every level.  Aislinn has always lived in the Rose Tower and is seen as one of the pure Seelie – that and four bucks will get her a cup of coffee.  Gabriel has had to fight for everything in his life so he doesn’t know any other way when Aislinn gets through to his heart.  I was unsure what to think as I watched Gabriel maneuver his way into the Rose Tower.  When Aislinn began to question things and with Gabriel’s answers, I just knew that there was going to be much more showing up before I reached the last page.  Boy, was I right in that thought.  I loved how Aislinn and Gabriel didn’t follow the normal course of things.  Even with the betrayal and danger all but devoured them, it was obvious to me that still not everything was out yet.  Wicked Enchantment was a “can’t put down” book for me.  With suspense and sensual countering the danger and blossoming love, I was captured from the beginning.  Wicked Enchantment is one of those must-read books; in fact it’s Joyfully Recommended from me to you.

If you want to learn more about the world and Aislinn’s best friend, Bella, pick up the Hot for the Holidays anthology and read “Sweet Enchantment” for her story.  You won’t regret it.


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