Unleashed by Jami Alden

Gemini Men, Book 3


Erotic Suspense

ISBN 978-0-7582-2548-1

Reviewed by Nannette



It may be hard for Danny Taggart to ignore the jealously he has when he sees his brothers Ethan and Derek with their girlfriends, but it’s not enough to make him fall for another woman. He’s been there and done that and he’s not going back for seconds. Twelve years ago Caroline Medford was the love of Danny’s life, until she left him flat. While Caroline did marry someone else, she didn’t end up with the happily-ever-after Danny thinks she did. Caroline is in danger so she turns to the one man she thinks can help her. Danny initially refuses Caroline’s plea, but he gets wrapped up in her nightmare for very personal reasons. As they unearth deadly secrets, Caroline and Danny face their past. While their feelings are bared, the killers are becoming increasingly more anxious that Danny and Caroline’s investigating will expose them. With the danger mounting, Danny and Caroline are in a fight for their love and their lives.

Danny is the brooding, sexy, hard-edged, eldest Taggart brother and he intrigued me from the start of the Gemini Men series. Unleashed tells not only Danny’s story, but Anne Taggart’s as well. While certain mysteries are answered new questions arise and a twisted plot born of greed is uncovered. While Danny’s ire can be justified to a certain extent, his misery is largely self- imposed because of his stubbornness. Danny sees things one way - his way. Enter, beautiful, softhearted Caroline, the love of Danny’s life. Caroline lost a lot when she walked away from Danny all those years ago. More than Danny ever imagined. He was emotionally closed off and regardless of how much she loved him Caroline could only take being pushed away for so long. When Danny and Caroline finally have their heart-to-heart, the poignancy of the moment is breathtaking, especially for Danny who breaks down and shows a surprisingly vulnerable side of himself. Danny and Caroline’s history is based on passion and young love and while they are now older and jaded, the spark is still there. Alden’s men are genuine and all male. They ooze sex appeal.  With tons of twists and turns, a horrific nightmare unfolds on every page, and a romance as angst-filled as it is erotic, Unleashed is arguably the best of the Gemini Men novels.


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