Suddenly You by Crystal Hubbard
Genesis Press
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1585713028
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Although her grandmother was terminally ill, Zacadia ĎCadyí Winters refused to let her die without a fight.  As a mater of fact, Cady was in total denial about her beloved grandmotherís fatal diagnosis and she was willing to do everything within her power to keep her alive.  What Cady didnít have time for, was a battle with her grandmotherís doctor, Keren Bailey Ė a battle that was egged on by hormonal desire that she thought she had buried long ago, and it didnít help matters that Dr. Bailey showcased a continuous cold-heartedness demeanor towards everyone.

Oncologist Keren Bailey didnít believe in giving his patients false hope, especially when the end result was none other than death.  So when Cady Winters stormed into his cancer ward wreaking havoc among his patients, Keren knew that he had to immediately put a stop to her folly before things got too far out of hand.  But, the more joy Cady brought to the ward, the more the ice began to melt from around Karenís heart.  It wasnít long before romance blossomed between the two; but, their newly-found happiness was short lived when tragedy struck.  Will Cady and Keren be able to reconcile their differences or was all hope lost?

Suddenly You brought forth a multitude of emotions from deep within.  I laughed.  I cried.  I got angry.  I fell in love.  In essence, many of my emotions mirrored that of Cady.  In general, grief is such a difficult emotion to deal with, and I applaud Crystal Hubbard for tackling such a painful subject and for managing to find a wonderful, remarkable way to tie love and romance into the mix.  So readers, make sure you keep a box of tissues handy because I guarantee that you will need to use many of them before the conclusion of this story makes its appearance.  I really enjoyed Crystal Hubbardís debut novel, and I Joyfully Recommend Suddenly You!


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