Slow Heat by Jill Shalvis

Berkley Sensation


ISBN:  9780425233665

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Wade O’Riley is the catcher for the Santa Barbara Heat.  He is the most talented and favored catcher in Major League Baseball - both on the field and off.  He is fun and games and a sexy playboy all rolled into one.  When a scandal erupts by a woman claiming to be pregnant with his love child, Wade is put on ‘suspension’ by the owners and is teamed up with the Heat’s publicist, Samantha McNead, in order to repair the damage to his public image.  Samantha is to portray his girlfriend for one month. Piece of cake, right? Wade thinks so. After all, he remembers the incident that happened twelve months ago in a stuck elevator.  Samantha, of course, has no comment. 

Wade O’Riley is the typical bad boy.  He is handsome, talented, and rich.  He likes having fun with women and loves being naughty.  And I liked him being that way as well.  Happy go lucky most of the time. I noticed right off the bat that Wade is perfect at hiding his inner demons.  And, boy does he have them.  The biggest demon of all is his relationship, or lack thereof, with his father.  I can’t say I blame him.  One thing he is clear on is his feelings for Samantha McNead.  Wade loves nothing more than to make her shiver with anticipation and he does, every single time she lays eyes on him.  Their relationship starts out volatile and doesn’t let up. Their desire for each other is real and the strife full of ups and downs.  Samantha is not an easy woman to love – not because she is mean or hateful – but because she has been hurt before and is scared to death to love Wade even though she loves him completely.   

Slow Heat is a slow building fire waiting to burn out of control! Jill Shalvis has artistically conveyed every touch, every breath, and every kiss as something of beauty and desire. I joyfully recommend Slow Heat – it is definitely a home run.  *wink*


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