Ruby Tuesday by Mari Carr

Wild Irish, Book Two

Ellora's Cave

Contemporary, Light BDSM

ISBN 9781419925719

Reviewed by Gianna



Sky Mitchell, the lead singer in the popular rock group The Universe, goes to Baltimore for privacy and to make some serious decisions regarding his future with the band. He finds himself hiding out in an Irish pub where he becomes fascinated with what may be the breakout song for his solo album and its writer, Teagan Collins.

Teagan has always been content to live her life doing nothing more than helping her family and the people around her. When she refuses to sell her song, Maybe Tomorrow, Sky challenges her to a contest, but the stakes have now gone way up. Not only will he win the song, but Teagan will help co-write his entire album. When it becomes clear that someone does not want Sky to break away from the group, those stakes suddenly take a deadly turn.

Ruby Tuesday by Mari Carr has all the elements that I've come to cherish in a great love story. It has playfulness, sexual chemistry between the main characters and last but not least, a little suspense. Ruby Tuesday is the sequel to Come Monday in the Wild Irish series and it did not disappoint. Ms. Carr reveals another facet of the Collins family and it is a softer side. Sky and Teagan are a complex couple of tenderness and heat. Both come to realize many things about themselves and how they compliment each other. In the face of danger everything becomes clear and the ending is one you cannot miss.


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