Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr

Virgin River, Book 11



ISBN: 978-0778327684

Reviewer: Melissa



Erin is at a crossroads in her life. For the first time since she was a teenager she has no responsibility for her younger siblings. Her brother is now a doctor and her sister is married and expecting her first child. She’s been focused on work and her family for so long that she doesn’t know how to have a life! So she decides to use her brother-in-law’s cabin in Virgin River to rest and try to figure out exactly what to do. That’s before Aiden Riordan startles her out of her contemplations. An emergency room trip later and things start to heat up.

Aiden is a Navy doctor who is on leave and also trying to figure out what to do with his life. His brothers are happily married and his mother is shacking up with a man, traveling the country in a RV (something Aiden is still trying to accept). Aiden tried marriage eight years ago, only to find himself married to a woman with what can only be called sanity issues. But something about Erin makes him think he’s finally found the right woman and for the first time Erin finds herself truly falling in love. Just when everything seems perfect, the nightmare of Aiden’s first wife drops back in their life. Can they work though the havoc she stirs up?

Erin and Aiden might be my favorite Virgin River characters since Jack and Mel (who also appear in a subplot that is not to be missed). Readers of the Virgin River series will definitely love this one and new readers will find themselves as addicted as the rest of us! Full of laughs and romance Moonlight Road shows that Robyn Carr simply ROCKS!


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