Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe

Children of the Moon, Book 2

Berkley Sensation


ISBN:  9780425233047

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



The Laird of the Sinclair clan, as well as the Alpha of his Chrechte wolf pack, Talorc has just been commissioned by his king to marry an Englishwoman.  Talorc and his clan know first hand the treachery of the English.  Talorc doesnít want to marry, but is unwilling to defy his king.  Travelling to the border between England and Scotland, he comes face to face with his bride and while he doesnít trust this beautiful woman, he and his inner wolf desire her.  And it is for this reason alone that Talorc weds Abigail.  To find out that she is his true mate is something that he never expects, but knows not to question. Until he trusts her, however, Talorc vows to be on his guard with her Ė there is no way she can ever know what he is Ė his wolf, however, feels quite differently.

Abigail has her own secrets to hide.  Deaf since a childhood illness when she was ten, she has learned to read lips and function without anyone knowing of her infirmity. Being told she is to be married is something that Abigail never expects, even if it is just her sadistic motherís way of getting rid of her.  When she meets Talorc before their wedding, she sees in him something that her heart desires. Now if only she can just hide the fact that she canít hear, all will be well - or so she thinks.  Abigail doesnít count on the mistrust she experiences when she tries to make a life for herself in her new home. 

Talorc is a familiar character to me having read Moon Awakening, book one of this series.  Originally ordered to marry Abigailís sister, Talorc still remembers being called a goat so he isnít ready for the acceptance and sheer magnitude of the attraction he feels for Abigail.  She is everything angelic to him and so what if she has her own idiosyncrasies.  Their desire for each other is instantaneous and the lovemaking between Talorc and Abigail is heady and potent.  They burn up the sheets, quite nicely if I do say so myself.  While he thought of Abigail as an enemy, I could see his feelings for her change with every scene until I was confident that he loved Abigail as much as she loved him.

Moon Craving is the sequel I have been waiting for with bated breath.  It is exactly what I needed to read and the fact that it is an excellent novel makes me all the more excited to joyfully recommend such a passionate and wonderful book.  Fans of Lucy Monroe will sign with romantic delight as the pages come alive.  Donít miss it!


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