Dream Mate by Stormy Glenn

Katzmanís Mate, sequel

Siren Publishing

Futuristic Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-579-6

Reviewed by Lisa



Katzman warrior Trajan Varl is sent on an important mission to Elquone, home planet of Demyan Rai, pregnant consort to Katzman leader, Commander Chellak Rai.  A meeting between the High Ruler of Elquone, his advisor Toc Jerell, Trajan and the Elquone doctor Saris Chattan concerning a request from the Katzman ruler goes very badly.  The results Ė Trajan is sent away without a doctor for Demyan and Saris is dragged off to be Ďprogrammedí as a pleasure slave.

From their one encounter Trajan knows that Saris is the man heís been dreaming about at night which can only mean one thing, Saris is Trajanís mate.  When Trajan finds out that Saris has disappeared he devises a plan to rescue him as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, someone has been orchestrating events with the intention of having Saris for himself, whether Saris agrees or not.  Time is running out and the longer Saris stays missing the less chance Trajan has of finding the man fate has chosen for him and no one else.

Author Stormy Glenn pens another winner in Dream Mate!  The characters pull you right into their story and take you on an original, fascinating journey.  At times the tale is emotional and intense, followed by quirky and amusing scenes.  Dream Mate is set in a unique universe with pregnant men, virile Ďcatí men, and an exciting plotline.  It was fun to see how Chellak and Demyan were doing as well as meeting Trajan and Saris here. Iím hoping that Ms. Glenn can be persuaded to tell us another tale with Katzmen sometime in the near future. Itís not perfect, but Dream Mate is fun and different and pure entertainment, so I am Joyfully Recommending Dream Mate with the hope that more readers will give this charming adventure a peak!


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