Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton

Meredith Gentry, Book 8

Ballantine Books

Fantasy / Multiple Partner / Gothic

ISBN: 978-0345495969

Reviewed by Jo



Princess Meredith, known to everyone she works with as Meredith (Merry) Gentry, is back to work at the detective agency in LA.  Merry has turned her back on both royal courts and the crown that was offered to her.  The most important thing for Merry is to keep those she loves safe, stay healthy for her babies, to have a roof over their heads and to keep her people safe in the human world.  Even though she turned her back on the crown and the royal courts, Merry could and would never turn her back on her people. 

A normal day at the beach turns into a new case for Merry and her men when they are called to a crime site to discover that somehow several of the smaller fey have been killed.  Itís clear to Merry that the murders were premeditated and, whatís worse, the killer has more deaths in store.  Besides trying to discover who is doing the killing and why, Merry also has to deal with LAís Fairy Godmother, Gilda, who feels threatened by Merry being back in town.  If that isnít enough to keep them all busy, Merry discovers that several mortals she has helped are gaining magic.  Merry also finds that sometimes tough love is the only way to serve up reality checks to immortals.  However with the love and help of her men and the Goddess, Merry will find a way to keep her extended family and her people safe and cared for.

Gripping and unable to put down was my reaction to Divine Misdemeanors. I was prepared for that and waited until a Friday night to start reading which was a good idea as I read through the night.  I have loved watching as Meredith fought her way through the fey courts to discover her lovers and finally end up pregnant with twins.  Now that she is back in LA and with the detective agency I was happy to see that Merry and her men are just as loving and are determined to ultimately get their happy ever after. 

This time I watched as they felt sorrow over the deaths of smaller fey, discovered that maybe they havenít escaped all the court backstabbing and blood, worked on just what their place will be in the human world, and most importantly let their love grow and prepare for the birth of their children.  Not wanting to give much away, I will say that while this book has a very different feel from the past Meredith Gentry books, I loved it just as much and still discovered new aspects to Meredith and her royal guard.  Ms. Hamilton has turned the page for Meredith and her men.  I canít wait to see what happens as the twins grow and prepare for their births along with the adults.  Divine Misdemeanors has suspense, discoveries, death, and most importantly the growth of love most divine.  For these reasons and so many more I canít put down here Divine Misdemeanors is Joyfully Recommended from me to you.

While you could read this as a standalone and not be too lost, I would recommend starting at the beginning with A Kiss of Shadows and following Merry and her men through all their trials.


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