Delicious by Shayla Black

Wicked Lovers, Book 3

Berkley Heat

Contemporary Erotic

ISBN:  978-0-425-23242-2

Reviewed by Jo



Alyssa Devereaux is an ex-exotic dancer who owns her club, but she has worked hard to open up her new restaurant that she is hoping will mean she can leave the world of exotic dancing forever.  Opening day is a huge accomplishment to her and it’s bringing Luc back again.  Alyssa hopes that this time she can show Luc that their one night together deserves many more.  She knows that this might be her last chance.  Alyssa has never felt anything like she did that night with Luc. Now she has to find a way to convince Luc that they belong together no matter what she has to do.

Luc Traverson has tried to forget about the night he spent with Alyssa.  Never before had he lost all his renowned self control as he did with her.  Luc is normally a much more considerate lover after the fact, but with Alyssa he just ran.  Now he is back to fulfill an agreement he made with her – cooking in her restaurant during the opening week.  He’s here, but Luc tried to get out of the agreement – Alyssa wasn’t having any of it.  Just his first glance at her has his body revving like it was just last night.  This is going to be a long and hard week in more ways than one.

Things start going wrong from that first night in Luc’s opinion.  Alyssa is just trying to go with the flow and show just how willing she is.  The sexual tension is thicker than ever and Luc is determined to ignore it.  He has his reasons for sticking firm, but his body isn’t happy about it.  The sexual pull between Alyssa and Luc is bad enough but it appears that someone else wants Alyssa himself.  Threats and damages to Alyssa’s property lead to even more danger towards Alyssa.  Luc might, maybe, have been able to get through the week without sex until someone starts to threaten Alyssa.  The danger ramps up as the passion explodes between them.  Luc and Alyssa discover that the intensity is unchanged if not stronger.  One more night is just not enough for either of them but a week is only so long.  Secrets and half-truths are being kept by both Luc and Alyssa as they work together both for the restaurant and to find out who is leaving those “calling cards.”  Once all the truths are out, will their dark and furious passion be enough to build a future on?

One erotic and passionate night deserves another – doesn’t it?  In Delicious Alyssa is sure that it does.  Luc made an agreement and he will keep it, but that is all he is planning on giving Alyssa.  Alyssa wants more from Luc then just his cooking ability and plans on showing him.  I have waited for Luc’s book and from the very first paragraph I could tell that Luc and Alyssa were going to explode off the pages - I was not mistaken.  Their erotic encounters were smoking indeed.  However, that was only part of the reason I read Delicious in one day/night.  I simply was just unable to put it down.  Shayla Black gave Luc and Alyssa a story that kept me on an emotional roller coaster.  It had me sweating and despairing that they would ever find a way to be together.  There is just so much about both Luc and Alyssa that I would have never guessed.  There were times that I wanted to shake both of them and then immediately after I would want to cry for them.  While I can’t tell you why I had those feelings, what I can tell you is that it is a book you won’t forget anytime soon.  To say that Delicious is erotic, emotional or even suspenseful is not even close to being what I found between the pages.  It is the combination of those along with Ms. Black’s superb writing that makes Delicious a have-to-read and a keeper not to be missed.  It also makes it Joyfully Recommended, as that is the highest praise I can give it.


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