Beyond the Rain by Jess Granger

Realms Beyond, Book 1

Berkley Sensation

Futuristic Romance

ISBN:  978-0425229262

Reviewed by Jo



Captain Cyani has literally worked her way from the ground up.  Being a ground dweller is something that no one has ever let her forgot, but Cyani has clawed her way to the treetops now.  In a world built around celibate female warriors, Cyani has become one of the best.  Now she only has to complete this one last mission and she can go back to her world, Azra, and gain the rewards she has been working towards Ė being admitted to the temple.  Cyani has had more than her ambition to help her along the way.  Threats to those she loves also helped Cyani in the years since she had to leave her family.  The Mission is almost complete; she just needs to see what has attracted her companionís attention away from their goal.

Soren is Byralen and was kidnapped for what his body can produce.  Soren has no idea just how long he has been a captive but he is definitely going to follow the female warrior who arrives to get him out.  Soren knows he is on borrowed time and will have to find a way to get back home before itís too late.  However there is something about Cyani that captivates his attention almost from the beginning and makes him want to know her better. 

Cyani, like the rest of the Union, knows very little about Byralens but she is on a fast learning curve to help Soren.  Getting off this planet is not going to be easy, but Cyani soon learns that getting Soren home is going to be much harder.  An unexpected crash on a wrong planet hurts them both but also gives them time to discover each other and maybe a new life.  Just when Cyani and Soren accept what is to come, yet another change dares to tear them apart for good.  Cyaniís real past might just be the thing to tear her from Soren.  Soren knows his very being depends on convincing Cyani just what their future can be - will it be enough?

A woman made to become a warrior discovers the beauty of love and peace.  Beyond the Rain focuses on a new and exciting universe.  Cyani has overcome all of her beginnings to become a warrior to save both her life and that of her loved ones.  Soren was torn from his family and home just because of his genes.  I was truly captivated while watching Cyani and Soren learn about each other, their planets and what made them as they are, only to then slowly tumble into friendship and then a strong and thriving love.  The richness of description that covered all of the worlds along with the strengths and weaknesses of Cyani and Sorenís characters were only two of the factors that had me finishing in one day.  I also enjoyed the plot that surrounded everything.  Beyond the Rain might by Jess Grangerís debut novel, but I can say with certainty that it wonít be her last.  Beyond the Rain is a must read and became an instant keeper, also Joyfully Recommended by me.  I am already waiting for the next book to come out and I know that you will be too.


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