An Officer and His Gentleman by Ryan Field

Ravenous Romance

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 987-1-60777-014-5

Reviewed by Willow



Chance Martin hates his life, living with old Dan Pratta and working in his market. After all the customers are gone and the shop closes for the day, Chance is required to be naked so the old man can watch him. It is humiliating, but Chance gets two things out of the arrangement. The first is a roof over his head but itís the second that makes it all worth it. Chance has access to all he needs to cook. He dreams of being a chef on The Food Network and is sure he can win a recipe contest sponsored by the network and get his chance.

Brody Johnston is home on leave from the Navy to take care of his mother. Brody is instantly attracted to Chance the first time he sees the younger man. As Chance is with Brody.  Now Brody has to convince Chance to take a chance with him. Brody canít leave Chance behind when he has to return to duty. Brody sweeps in and literally sweeps Chance off his feet. And hopes itís enough to convince Chance to take a chance on them.

An Officer and His Gentleman is a true romance. Iíd even go so far as to call it a modern day fairytale. It has a hero in distress, Chance. Chanceís best friend could be seen as the fairy godmother figure and the evil witch/bad guy wants to keep Chance all to himself. And in the end, Prince Charming comes riding in to save the day and ride off into the sunset with his love. All very suggestive of An Officer and a Gentleman. I had to laugh at the squirrels and their orange tails. They made the whole story amusing. The only problem that I had was some of the dialog, and I can honestly say it really didnít take away from anything. It reminded me at times of the dialog in bad porn film. But even with that I Joyfully Recommend An Officer and His Gentleman.


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