A Faery Gathering by Ellen Margret

Midnight Showcase


ISBN: 1555 5496

Reviewed by Willow




All is well in the Kingdom of Faeries. Well, maybe not totally. The queen is waiting for the arrival of her baby. If this one is not a male heir for the throne, the king will find another wife… Good thing the queen’s mother has a plan. She knows just what to do.

22 years later…..

All is not well in the Kingdom of Faeries; the crops are failing, the rainbows are gone, the unicorns are dying. All is darkness. No one is happy. Except, the king, he has a son to take his throne one day.


Owletta is not like other humans. She can’t get too happy or she flies. No one else does that as far as she knows. If only the man in her dreams was real and could take her away.  It’s odd how he looks like her brother.



Alconia is the only one not joyously celebrating the wedding of her sister, Owletta to Prince Hawke. Humans are just the most disgusting creatures, especially Hawke’s brother Richard. And it doesn’t help that the faery she was planning to marry is in the dungeon with his brother for trying to kill her father, the king. Who knew he was such a villain?

Alconia and Richard unexpectedly find themselves together in the garden…in the rain…naked. One thing leads to another and Richard is unfairly banished from faery land.  By a very bad stroke of luck, Alconia finds herself in the human realm and very much in need of Richard’s help. And as luck would have it, Richard just happens to need her help, too.

Will this comedy of errors have a happy ending?

It just goes to show you that surface impressions aren’t always right. When I first sat down to read A Faery Gathering, I was not impressed. I thought to myself, what is this? But I was determined to read the entire book and give my honest opinion. So, here goes…Absolutely delightful!

It’s written like a child’s faery story which is what put me off at first but later made perfect sense. Then I actually started paying attention to small things that kept poking at my brain and imagination for attention. The dialogue creates an image of faeries flitting around, never staying too long in one place but entertaining anyway. The plot is perfectly amusing. Not to mention the only faery rat in existence which is okay since it will never die. The giggles went on for several minutes. A Faery Gathering is Legend meets Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s on First” meets teenage/beach party movies of the 60’s. I LOVED this book. I Joyfully Recommend A Faery Gathering.


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