Tricking Tara by Viola Grace

The Sisters of Silverwood, Book 5



ISBN 978-1-55487-170-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Tara is missing her best friend Caro since she moved to Silverwood, but this is the busy time of year for her.  Her haunted house is just about up and running, well it will be when she gets her staff trained and she has “her Dr. Pepper® and HoHos®

Artemis has told her that she is to expect her elves to start courting her, but so far she has been able to avoid them.  Now apparently she needs to revamp her hiring practices since she has managed to hire them to help with the haunted house for the season.

The larger issue comes when she tries to make a decision between the two different elves.  Can she choose?  Does she want to?

I absolutely loved Tricking Tara.  Ms. Grace has written a heroine who will take no crap, who can get herself out of her own scrapes and situations, and most of all, who has a great sense of humor.  Tricking Tara, if read as a stand alone, will make you want to run out and get the rest of The Sisters of Silverwood series.  OK, so that is what it did to me.  I loved that Tara has found a way to use her talents and not only have fun with them but not have others be afraid of them.  Additionally I enjoyed how she dealt with “her sun and her moon” and deciding how to learn more about them.  Again I loved Tricking Tara and whole-heartedly and Joyfully Recommend Tricking Tara.


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