The White Palace Awakens by Alyx J. Shaw

A Strange Place in Time, Book 2

Torquere Press

Sci-fi/Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-456-4, 1-60370-456-6

Reviewed by Sabella



John Arrowsmith has finally recalled who he was and why he is in this strange magical land, and at once he knows the White Palace will rise again as evil is threatening all the Court that has built throughout the lifetimes itís members have lived.  All of the Courtís members, but one are gathered Ėwill they be able to defeat the unnamed foe and save themselves too?

With the discovery of ancient foes, long thought dead, riding to attack the Court again, drastic measures must be taken Ė including bringing over Johnís earth family and a motley collection of friendsÖ  Will John, as Court Seer, be able to find out enough to help all of them save the land?

Just as with the first book, A Strange Place in Time II: The White Palace Awakens is a truly compelling tale that will wrap you in its magic and the comical relationships between all the main characters creating a truly memorable read that will wrap you up so completely that you forget the world around you.  John with his go with the flow attitude except when it comes to Harley, his bike, is the calm in the center of the storm that are the members of the Court.  In A Strange Place in Time II: The White Palace Awakens Alyx Shaw continues building a magical world that becomes more intriguing the more you learn of it, while bringing up more questions that will hopefully be answered in the third installment of the series.  The most difficult part of reading A Strange Place in Time II: The White Palace Awakens will be waiting for the conclusion of this enrapturing tale in the upcoming third book.  Like in the previous installment, Alyx Shaw balances a significant amount of lore and character depth to build a rich world for her characters to inhabit and making this new and perplexing world John finds himself in almost physically real and distinctively gripping.  At points the plot moves slowly to ensure that the reader gets a full understanding of all the nuances and undercurrents between the characters and the world around them.  A Strange Place in Time II: The White Palace Awakens is most definitely worth taking the time to read and savor as Ms. Shaw does an marvelous job wrapping up the reader in the unfolding plot and making Johnís experiences so vivid that it becomes easy to forget that it is a book and easier still to believe it could all be real.  Get yourself A Strange Place in Time II: The White Palace Awakens the next time you are in the mood for a spectacular read set in an enchanting world that will wrap you up and not let you go until the last page is turned!


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