Theronís Return by Carol Lynne

Campus Cravings, Book 11

Total-E-Bound Publishing

Contemporary, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-906811-05-1

Reviewed by Raine



After getting shunned by his parents, being raped while hitchhiking back to BK and left by the one person he fell in love with, Michael Storm gives up on living. Luckily, good friends surround him at BK.

With two gay brothers and being the eldest of the three, Theron Demakis feels the pressure to carry on the Demakis name by getting married and producing an heir. The price to pay though would be his happiness. However, when Theron is called about what happened to Michael he flies back to him immediately.

Michael is an emotionally charged character. So warm and full of love, yet so lost and confused. Theron is older, more mature, but he is fighting his mind versus his heart. The storyline in Theronís Return caught my interest right away and was held through to the conclusion. Theronís Return is book eleven in the Campus Craving series and it is suggested that all should be read for a full understanding of the series. Unfortunately, I had not read the others when I read Theronís Return, but Carol Lynne does such an awesome writing job she pulls in just enough details and it was very easy to read as a stand alone. I felt this was an extraordinary story and I am Joyfully Recommending Theronís Return.


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