The Naked Gentleman by Sally MacKenzie

Zebra Historical


ISBN: 978-0-8217-8076-3

Reviewed by Willow



Miss Margaret Peterson (Meg) is interested in only one thing—plants. That one-track interest leads Meg into more trouble than she is prepared for. She can handle the men who think she wants more than to discuss the plants in the gardens. Of course she can. That’s why her sister Emma decides too late to take over chaperone duties.

John Parker-Roth has the most amazing and extensive gardens in England. And absolutely no desire to get married. It’s too bad his mother doesn’t feel the same and drags him off to town to look for a bride. His mother is delighted when Parks is caught in a compromising situation…twice…with Miss Peterson.  Knowing his duty, Parks proposes to Meg only to have her refuse his offer. He’s surprised at how that disappoints him.

It seems that everyone they know wants the two of them to marry. While Meg is trying to decide if she will go to South America to search for unusual plant specimens, Parks is still trying to convince himself that he is NOT attracted to Meg. Good luck with that.

Funny. Funny. Funny. I love The Naked Gentleman! This is the fourth in the series and is just as funny and entertaining as the others. Meg and Parks are just too much fun to read. I think I’ll read it again.


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