Temptation City by Lyric James

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-951-4

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



As the owner of Temptation City, Ashia Forrester knew what it took to make an excellent male stripper – a man that kept women coming back week and week just to watch his seductive stage act.  Because business was blooming with a great success, Ashia was in need of a new stripper.  When super stud Jalen Spencer appeared seeking a job, Ashia knew that she was in trouble because for the first time in her life she was tempted to go against her number one rule of not mixing business with pleasure.

While working undercover, Jalen Spencer had done many unusual jobs in his lifetime; however, his current assignment took the cake.  He had to pose as a stripper in order to discover if the owner was laundering money for a criminal mob boss.  As if that was enough to deal with, and to complicate matters further, Jalen was sexually attracted to the department’s person of interest, Ashia Forrester.

I found Temptation City to be a fast, sexy read.  The passion between Ashia and Jalen was smoking HOT.  There’s plenty of flirting and teasing going around.  As you can imagine, the erotic dancing was great foreplay action for the couple and when they final did come together their sexual encounters were lustful and wickedly naughty.  By the time you finish this book, you will be wishing for your own private, erotic dancer – I know I was!

Temptation City caught my attention because of the mention of a cop posing as an erotic dancer and a relationship developing between the owner and that cop.  I was greatly intrigued to see how everything would play out.  Would the couple remain a couple after everything was revealed?  Was the owner as innocent as she appeared to be and so forth? I must admit that this was one book that I couldn’t put down for one moment.  I just had to keep reading until very end.  That alone deserves a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read from me. 

Readers, if you have yet to experience Lyric James’ writing then you have missed out on some excellent storytelling.  Just pick up Temptation City to see what I am talking about.



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