Tangled Up in Love by Heidi Betts

Chicks with Sticks, Book 1

St. Martinís Press


ISBN:  978-0312946715

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



For months Dylan Stone and Veronica Chasen have been out to get each other.  Ever since Dylan was chosen for a coveted position at a local newspaper, he and Veronica have become rivals of a sort; each trying to outdo the other publicly in their articles.  Veronica and Dylan challenge each other to do different antics and what started out as fun, begins to get serious when Veronica teases and challenges Dylan to learn how to knit. 

Not one to let anything or anyone get in his way, Dylan takes the bait and figures that knitting is like everything he has been challenged to do, easy as pie.  He doesnít count on his big hands and the little needles.  Vowing to learn, he joins a knitting group for help and comes face to face with his smirking nemesis.  Dylan has never seen a more beautiful sight than the smile on Veronicaís face as she realizes he is having a hard time.  Dylan must come up with a plan to learn how to knit quickly because he is running out of time. And failure is simply not an option.

I absolutely adored Tangled Up in Love.  Usually not a fan of comedic romances, I found myself laughing out loud more than once at the different challenges Dylan and Veronica came up with in order to make the other give in.  My favorite was Veronicaís tattoo and Dylanís sojourn into an all male bar; in pink costume.  But, as much as I love laughing with Tangled Up in Love, I think I found the love story the most intriguing.  Veronica and Dylan both fought their attraction to each other.  Neither wanted to give in but had no choice.  Hit by the love bug, they had to learn the art of compromise and learn it quickly.  Yummy love scenes prevailed and all was good.

Known best for her Silhouette Desire releases, Heidi Betts ups the sensuality in Tangled Up in Love, her newest release.  Sizzling emotions and scorching repertoire add to the sultriness that involves Dylan and Veronica.  I must joyfully recommend Tangled Up in Love.  I loved it that much!


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