Soldier for Love by Brenda Gayle

Last Rose of Summer

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN 1-60154-401-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Major Julie Collins is finally seeing most of her dreams come true.  She has her first command overseas and it looks to be one where she will be far enough away from her familial military influence to flourish on her own.  But when she sees the sexy stranger who just hours earlier left her bed as one of her new people under her command, she is hit by a number of emotions.  She is angry, stunned and suspicious.  All of these thoughts seem to be further exacerbated when she hears of his reputation with the opposite sex.  She is more angered that he hid his true connection to her the night before.  She never has done the one night stands and she thought they had connected.

What will happen when she is kidnapped and he appears to be the only one capable to saving her, without turning the rescue into an international incident?  And what appears to be going on with all of this voodoo stuff anyways?

In Soldier for Love you not only have the commanding presence of a sexy military man but you also have a strong career military woman.  I was quickly drawn into Soldier for Love and found I was unable to put the story down.  Why had Matt hidden his connection to Julie?  What happens when Julie is kidnapped?  These are all questions I had to have answered.

I thoroughly loved that both characters had their own careers.  I enjoyed the interaction with both characters and the local personnel. I also was interested into the foray into Caribbean voodoo cultures and local beliefs.  I found Soldier for Love to be a winner by Ms. Gayle and hope she writes about Julie’s brothers.


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