Smoke and Mirrors by Natasha Moore

Ellora’s Cave

BDSM Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419918049

Reviewed by Shayna



On the surface, Gabriella Winslow has it all.  Heiress and vice president of marketing for her father’s company, Gaby wants for nothing, except Alexander Black.  Though it’s been ten years, Gaby can never forget her Alex, her first love, nor the heartbreak she suffered when he abandoned her.  But when Alex suddenly comes back into her life, whisking her away to his Las Vegas penthouse and into the world of magic she once knew, Gaby’s determination to keep Alex out of her heart begins to falter.

For ten years, Alexander Black has worked to build his career as a magician.  Now, at the top of his game and opening his very own theater, Alex is ready to take back the one thing missing in his life – Gabriella – and to settle an old score while he’s at it.  Seducing Gaby with the things she loved and the memories of their heated encounters and bondage games they used to play, Alex sets out to rekindle their romance before Gaby finds out the whole truth.  She’s not just his lover, she’s his prisoner.

Passion, illusions, love lost and found…Smoke and Mirrors has it all.  A superb blend of tender romance and achingly erotic love scenes, Smoke and Mirrors was captivating from start to finish.

What I love about this book is that I truly connected with both Alex and Gaby.  I understood the reasons Alex had to leave Gaby all those years ago and why he couldn’t contact her in the intervening years.  I admired his sense of honor and the conflict he felt at wanting to have Gaby back in his life at all costs and his desire to be completely truthful with her.  Alex has all the characteristics of a devastatingly sexy hero, but Natasha Moore humanizes him, thereby making me fall for him that much harder.  As for Gaby, she had a strength I admired in her determination to rebuild her life after she had felt it crumble beneath her.  All the same, when Alex comes back into her life there is vulnerability in her and her inner conflict between wanting to believe in the man she still loves and the memory of their past making her instinctively wary of trusting him made her all the more endearing to me.

I also cannot write about Smoke and Mirrors without mentioning the love scenes.  Alex may be a successful illusionist, but his talented hands aren’t solely for the stage.  Ms. Moore creates scenes that are as spine-tinglingly erotic as they are romantic, and I definitely felt the heat level rise in the room as I read.  I Joyfully Recommend Smoke and Mirrors.  It’s an enchanting, entertaining reunion romance filled with lust, love, and inventive uses for scarves.  Simply magic!


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