Stefan’s Mark, Claiming Skylar & Dedrick’s Taming by Jaden Sinclair

Shifter Series Books 1, 2 & 3


Amira Press

ISBN: 978-1-934475-60-7, 978-1-934475-96-6, 978-1-935348-10-8

Reviewer: Melissa



‘Stefan’s Mark’

Stefan Draeger has been waiting four long years to finally claim his mate. He’d stumbled across Sidney Martin when she was too young for him to claim but he’s been preparing for her and now that the time is right he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his own.


‘Claiming Skyler’

Skyler Draeger has always had feeling for her brother’s friend Adrian Laswell however one stupid mistake by him changes how she looks at him, just as Adrian realizes that Skyler is his mate. Six months have passed and Adrian is done waiting for Skyler to calm down and accept him as her mate, he’s taking his mate. But Skyler’s not ready to forgive and while passion burns between them Adrian’s got a long way to go for Skyler to accept him.


‘Dedrick’s Taming’

Dedrick Drager doesn’t know why but his sister-in-law’s best friend drives him crazy! Everytime Jaclyn Davis is around he either wants to kill her or drag her off to the nearest bedroom, neither of which would go over well with his family. Although his brother has a successful mating with a human female, Dedrick doesn’t believe such a thing would be possible for him and even though he’s developing feelings for Jaclyn he’s not going to act on them. But he doesn’t count on Jaclyn having different ideas!


Jaden Sinclair’s Shifter Series is a series I read long ago; however, she has just recently revamped them, adding depth to existing characters, new characters that give the story more flavor and ramping up the intensity from one page to the next. While the previous versions of these stories were fun reading in comparison with these new versions all I can say is WOW! From Stefan to Adrian to Dedrick all of these stories kept me hooked. Kudos to Ms. Sinclair for taking what were already good stories and making them great, showcasing how wonderfully she’s grown as an author. Give me MORE!!!


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