Prophesied & Immersed by Liz Craven

Interplanetary League books 1, 2



ISBN: 1-60504-060-6 Prophesied, 978-1-60504-267-1 Immersed

Reviewer: Melissa




Lia had been genetically created to fulfill a prophesy and end a war which was tearing apart her world. Slated to be Planetary Ruler she had been married as a child to Talon Dhakir. Stifled by the regimented childhood, when an assignation attempt left all her retinue dead, she jumps on the opportunity to run away from the life that was chosen for her. Now years have passed and Talon has finally found her. Talon’s whole life has been about his duty to keep the peace on his planet and he’s determined to force Lia back to the life she despises. But as Talon and Lia travel back to N’yota together can they find more to their marriage than duty? And if they do, can Talon prevent those who want Lia removed from succeeding?

From the first page Liz Craven had me hooked!! Lia’s desire not to be forced into what everyone expects her to be and Talon’s dedication to the duty of keeping the peace of N’yota make it easy to fall in love with both of them and want them to find happiness together.



Ilexa Dhakir needs to get away. Away from all the people who view her as simply the sister-in-law to the ruler of N’yota. Even though she’s a gifted healer, she soon realizes that it’s been assumed that it’s nepotism that has gotten her the position. And when she’s faced with the news that someone she cares about is only using her to further their family with Ilexa’s brother and sister-in-law she decides it’s time for a change. She joins an interplanetary medical organization in hopes of getting out from under her powerful family only to find herself stationed on the world where her brother’s best friend lives. Thane Msaka has always been attracted to Ilexa but because of his relationship with her brother, he would never act on it but now that Ilexa is on his world he finds that the temptation is more than he can handle and passion quickly builds between them But on a world where the rules and customs are very different can Thane protect Ilexa?

Liz Craven has delivered again with Immersed. Ilexa and Thane grabbed me and wouldn’t let me let go until the last page. Leaving me wanting more!


Liz Craven has surely captivated my inner geek with her Interplanetary League series. Fascinating stories, worlds that beg you to investigate and romance that delivers a happily ending that leaves you anticipating the next book in the series even as you sigh for the hero and heroine you’ve just left.

Give Me More, Give Me More, Give Me More!!!


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