Nice Girls Donít Have Fangs by Molly Harper


Pocket Star

ISBN:  9781416589426

Reviewed by Jambrea



Jane Jameson is having a bad day.  She was fired from her job as the childrenís librarian and gets shot on her way home from drinking her sorrows away.  That isnít even the worst of her problems.  Now she is a vampire who can see her dead aunt and someone is framing her for the vampire murders happening in Half Moon Hallow.  Could it get any worse?

Nice Girls Donít Have Fangs is very Mary Janice Davidsonesque, but with a twist all its own.  The humans know about the vampires and they live side by side.  Molly Harper has a great sense of humor and Nice Girls Donít Have Fangs had me in stiches.  Ms. Harper has a voice of her own, but Iím sure she will be compared to a couple of the heavy hitters in the comedic vampire genre.  I think she will hold her own with the town of Half Moon Hallow.  The secondary characters add so much spice and flair to Nice Girls Donít Have Fangs.  Janeís interaction with them just cracks me up.  The tension between Jane and her sire is wonderfully sexy and you can feel the sparks flying as you read.

Ms. Harper kept me on my toes and made me laugh, so it is with great pleasure that Iím Joyfully Recommending everyone take a stab at Nice Girls Donít Have Fangs.


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