In Blood We Trust by F.D. Davis

A Vampire Series, Book 2

Parker Publishing

Paranormal, Vampire

ISBN-10: 1600430414

ISBN-13: 978-1600430411

Reviewed by Indy



Nothing could have prepared Eve for what she has become. At the hands of the most powerful vampire in the world, Adam Omega, she is now that which she detests. A vampire, the first one made in hundreds of years and the wife to a being that canít stand her touch. Letting her anger be her guiding force, Eve proves to Adam sheís no longer a weak mortal who will fall back in fear of him. Now she has the strength of the undead and her magical essence to protect herself. An old alley becomes more when Sullivan, the vampire she conspired with against Adam turns into her confidant and lover.

Adam did not make it a thousand year by being weak. His inability to be with Eve tortures him to the depths of his soul but his long standing practice of not bedding vampire women stands in his way of showing Eve how much he loves her. His guilt allows him to give Eve a leeway until her time with his old friend turned foe twists into something he wonítí stand for. Eve is his wife and he will prove to her, and her lover, that she will never be free of him or his love.

Not even death will come to claim what is his and Adam will demonstrate once again that his will is stronger than Eveís desire to leave him.

Iím sitting here trying to decide how best to review a story I will admit continues to fascinate and engage me even though I canít stand the male lead. Adam Omega, Eve and Sullivan make for an interesting love triangle, which turns into exhibitions of power, anger and love. In Blood We Trust continues the story of Adam and Eve, and their tumultuous relationship that seems built on pain more than the death defying love they share.  Adam continues to exert his will on Eve and she continues to rebel but this time sheís stronger and wiser. The new Eve is powerful and has wants and desires and she isnít willing to set aside, mourning a Vampire who canít stand her touch.

Adding Sullivan to the mix in the role as Eveís lover was pure genius and took this series to an entirely new level. I will admit I enjoy Eve and love Sullivan and I found myself on more than one occasion just wishing Adam would disappear and leave these two in peace. Then I remembered Adam, was the macho, ďI will kill you firstĒ and wonder why later male leads make In Blood We Trust  hard to put down. Who needs a bathroom break when you have a vampire so enraged heís creating natural disasters all over the world with the force of his anger? I commend F.D. Davis for continuing with a series that is by far one the most entertaining vampire series Iíve read in a long time and for that I Joyfully Recommend In Blood We Trust as a Recommended Read for February.


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