Have a Harpy Holiday by Stephani Hecht

eXtasy Books

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-195-7

Reviewed by Shayna



Cadean, formerly the top bounty hunter for Lucifer, is the last being on Earth who wants to get into the Christmas spirit.  Having been exiled from Hell, the harpy is broke and forced to take refuge with Lilith, a succubus who may be a friend, but definitely drives her crazy. Wanting nothing more than to earn enough money to get a place of her own, Cadean jumps at the opportunity to track down a demonís missing nephew and sheís not the only one on the job.

Ex-justice angel Emmanuel was cast out of Heaven at the start of the angel civil war for refusing to renounce his allegiance to Michael, the leader of the archangels.  Now considered a rogue angel and having no money and no home, Emmanuel is just as determined as Cadean to track down the missing demon.  The only problem is, from the moment Emmanuel first saw the beautiful harpy, he wants nothing more than to make her his own.  As things heat up, Emmanuel and Cadean join forces.   With other demons out to get their target, the hunt just got a heck of a lot more dangerous.

Bounty hunters have never been as hot as in Stephani Hechtís sexy, thrilling new tale.  Have a Harpy Holiday has warmth without sappiness, action-a-plenty, and is engaging from the first page to the last.

Have a Harpy Holiday is connected to Ms. Hechtís wonderful Archangel Series.  Having met Cadean in Angelic Desires, a prequel to the Archangel books, I was desperately hoping Ms. Hecht would write a book for her.  Happily, she not only did, she wrote a phenomenal one as well.  Cadean is a hardened bounty hunter.  Sheís fierce, deadly, surly, and doesnít take flack from anyone.  All the same, she has a code of honor she lives by and an inner sweetness she doesnít like to let people see.  I love the contrasts of her character.  Itís what drew me to her in the first place and what makes her so compelling to read about.  As for Emmanuel, he was her perfect match.  He was also forced out of his home for following his personal code of honor.  Heís strong, sharp, and, at times, incredibly tender.  I loved both him and Cadean and whether they were on the hunt, steaming up the page, or making my heart melt with their romance, the two of them had my absolute, undivided attention.

Though Ms. Hecht provides enough information that readers unfamiliar with her Archangel series will be able to follow along, Have a Harpy Holiday does contain many spoilers for the first five books of the Archangel Series.  As a fan of the series, I was thrilled to see some of my favorite characters reappear.  In particular, Dina and Megan play strong supporting roles and are definitely a sexier couple than I had ever imagined them to be.  Lilith is an important secondary character and I give high marks to Ms. Hecht, who has finally made me like Lilith.  I finished Have a Harpy Holiday with a bit of a soft spot for the succubus, I must admit.

I Joyfully Ė eagerly Ė Recommend Have a Harpy Holiday.  This book reminded me why I fell in love with Ms. Hechtís work in the first place.  It combines romance, action, sensuality, and cheekiness with endearing characters and a fast-moving plot to present an extraordinarily engaging book that I can and have read over and over again.


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