Evil Without a Face by Jordan Dane

Sweet Justice Series, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0-06-147412-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Fugitive Recovery Agent Jessica Becket is hot on the trail of Lucas Baker. In the process of locating him she discovers that he’s involved in a lot more than she thought. Jessie’s best friend, Detective Samantha Cooper, has a hard time reigning Jessie in and keeping her out of trouble. She’s on board helping her find out what Baker is doing though. Seth Harper is Jessie’s new hire. He’s a mysterious computer wiz and an undeniable asset to her. 

Ex- football player, Payton Archer is trying to find his niece, Nikki who’s disappeared.  His search takes him to Chicago where Sam has taken over the case. Payton and Jessie along with the help of the Chicago Police Department and the FBI begin searching for Nikki and other missing kids who are being used by a group known to play in the human trafficking game. It’s a race against time to get Nikki back but Payton won’t give up, and Jessie can’t. She faces her own demons every time she thinks of the missing kids. Together, they’ll stop at nothing to save them and send the bad guys to hell, where they belong.

Sit tight, buckle in, and hold on, Evil Without a Face is a wild ride. The villains take Jessica, Payton, and everyone else on a high-speed chase to save Nikki and stop the bad guys. Outwardly, Jessica is tough as nails. She’s scared, strong, and seemingly invincible but inside she’s vulnerable and desperately needs some TLC. Payton carries his own internal scars, which is why when they meet, Payton and Jessie connect immediately. They are like kindred spirits, two halves of a whole.  Along with the intense relationship that blooms between Payton and Jessie, is the frightening tale of internet predators. With excitement and danger on every page, Evil Without a Face is impossible to put down. Jordan Dane rocks my world once again with Evil Without a Face.  I can’t wait to read the elusive and mysterious Seth Harper’s story next! 


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