Edge of Hunger by Rhyannon Byrd

Primal Instinct, Book 1

HQN Books


ISBN: 978-0373773671

Reviewed by Jo



Molly Stratton is never sure how people will take her when she tells them she is psychic and has a message for them.  This time she really isnít sure how she will be accepted when she states just who sent her.  Ianís deceased Mother who he was estranged from, and why, it is time for his destiny.  Molly learned long ago to pay attention when she is contacted with a message; itís the delivery that can be touchy. 

Ian Buchanan left home very young to try and live a normal life.  Ian knew that his mother always told him that there was something special about his family.  She also wanted him to deal with understanding it as a child, which was not what Ian wanted.  He knows there is something dark in him and lately his dreams have shown wild gatherings and sex.  Ian is determined to not let that darkness out, much less learn how to live and work with it like his mother always wanted him to.

Molly and Ian donít exactly have a meeting of the minds when they first meet, but Molly is not going to let his stubborn denial stop her from delivering the entire message.  Ian doesnít want anything to do with it, no matter how sexy the messenger is.   That is until part of the message comes true, a deadly part.  Ian and Molly have to figure out where the danger is coming from and how to deal with it Ė fast.  Help is offered but is it from friend or foe?  Ian and Molly will need to make correct and fast decisions if they are going to live long enough to discover their newfound love.

Do you believe in the unseen?  Molly has learned to and she will have to convince Ian in Edge of Hunger.  Molly has spent her adult life never knowing when a spirit will appear needing something from her.  Ian has led a rough and tumbled life since leaving home young.  Together they discovered that more often then not, legends are based on fact.  Molly and Ian had me almost from the time they met and I only became more engaged as I turned the pages.  Molly and Ianís struggles to learn and accept an unknown danger and an equally unknown love were full of suspense and eroticism.  If you are a lover of or even if you havenít tried Ms. Byrd yet, I think you will find that Edge of Hunger is a must read.  In fact, Edge of Hunger is a Joyfully Recommended Read in my opinion.  I will be waiting, not so patiently, for the other two siblings books and I bet you will be too.


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