December: First and Always by Jamie Craig

Calendar Boys:  January December

Amber Quill Allure

Contemporary Interracial M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-434-1

Reviewed by Lisa



They have been lovers for almost a full year, managing to keep their love for each other a secret from family, friends and most importantly the world.

Michael Pappas is a well liked college professor who chooses to keep his sexual preferences hidden from his family.  His lover is Tre Griffin, a star football player in Miami.  Both men are very aware that Tres career in professional football would be over forever if it got out that he is gay.

Tre and Michael visit each other in secret as often as possible.  They know that someday they can love each other openly but for now this is how it must be for Tres sake. The holidays are difficult without each other but both men are committed to making their relationship last and know that one day in the future they will spend Christmas together no matter what anyone else thinks. 

December: First and Always is solid gold!  This story picks up almost a year after the two main characters met and fell in love.  There is a wealth of emotion, poignancy and a few surprises to make December: First and Always total entertainment.  Multi-talented author Jamie Craig gives readers a fast paced, dialogue packed treat to enjoy.  Its a no brainer for me to Joyfully Recommend December: First and Always.


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