Dawn Keepers by Jessica Andersen

A Novel of the Final Prophecy, Book 2

Signet Eclipse

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Time Travel

ISBN: 978-0-451-22575-7

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Nate Blackhawk doesn't believe in prophecy or destiny.  Only believing in the tangible, he is having a hard time grasping the fact that he is in charge of helping save the entire human race from evil once the Mayan clock counts down.  A computer programmer and games designer, Nate grew up alone without anyone to teach him the legend of the Nightkeepers and the task which they have been given.  He is also having a hard time keeping Alexis Gray at arm's length.  While he desires her, he knows that their passion for each other is not the result of destiny but hormones.  Nate soon learns differently.

Alexis Gray has grown up learning about the Mayan prophecy and the role she is to play in the end of times.  Believing in the Nightkeepers, Alexis desires to be one of the best fighters they have.  She was born to this destiny and nothing is going to stand in her way of fulfilling the prophecy handed to her.  Not even Nate Blackhawk, no matter how much she desires him. 

Loving every single word of this highly intelligent and action filled world, I settled in for a nice long read.  At 455 pages, Dawnkeepers is not a quick read, but it is an amazing one. When Alexis and Nate first got together in Nightkeepers, I knew these two enigmatic characters were meant for each other.  Nate fights his attraction every step of the way just like a man and Alexis is leery but unable to deny what her heart feels.  Add in the new status given to her by the gods and Nate was putty in her hands.  Their primitive passion and lust filled escapades were hot yet tender. 

A strong follow-up to Nightkeepers, Dawnkeepers kept me glued to the pages of this magnificent book.  Terrific world building skills aside, Jessica Andersen is just a fabulous story teller.  She makes me feel as if I am right there.  I joyfully recommend Dawnkeepers! Lovers of paranormal romance and urban fantasy will adore this book! I know I did!


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