Claiming Hannah by Jan Springer

Elloraís Cave

Erotic, Futuristic

ISBN: 9781419920332

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Born a Breeding Slave, Hannah Roberts knew her destiny was to continue having offspring until the day she died for under par couples who could not having children. Not wanting to be a baby-making machine for the rest of her life, Hannah managed to escape her slave owner. After being on the run for five weeks, Hannah was just hours away from entering the Free States when a deadly Hitman caught up to her.

Since the moment he saw her at his uncleís slave plantation, Jacob Romero had wanted to mate with Hannah.  Hannah was a forbidden fruit for him for many years, but Jacob was finally about to have a taste of heaven when his uncle informed him that he and his brothers would be Hannahís partners in the Breeding Ceremony. On the eve of the ritual, however, Hannah seemed to have disappeared without a trace. As a well-trained Hitman, it was Jacob's duty to hunt down and kill any Breeding Slave that disobeyed the law. The question was, when he found her would he be able to complete his task by assassinating Hannah, or would he follow his heart by Claiming Hannah as his mate?

Wow!  I found Claiming Hannah to be a spectacular read!  Jan Springer is a superb storyteller and I was instantly and totally captivated by this fantastic tale.  I know when I put up one of her books that I am in for a treat.  I am proud to say that I wasnít disappointed. I donít know which I enjoyed more -- the hot and spicy sexual encounters or the thrilling, action-pack plot. The sexual tension showcased between Hannah and Jacob was highly desirable and passionately lustful, while the Hitman chase angle added just the right amount of spice to keep things interesting. Readers, you canít go wrong with Ms. Springerís Claiming Hannah.  Definitely Joyfully Recommended!


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