Bladeís Desire by Leah Brooke

Desire, Oklahoma Series, Book 2

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM

Reviewed by Patrice F.



After years of being in an abusive relationship, Kelly Jones has a new life in Desire, Oklahoma with her best friend, Jesse.   Their business, Indulgences, has taken off, and Blade, a Dom (in lifestyle and trade), has earned her love and trust by befriending her.  Blade trains Doms and their subs at the club where he works, so Kelly decides that the best way to take their relationship further is to approach him as a client.  By asking for his help to overcome her past, she knows Blade wonít refuse her.  It doesnít hurt that he is attracted, too.  Although her feelings run deeper than casual sex, Kelly decides that sheíll take whatever she can get for now and worry about the future later. 

However, what she hasnít banked on is that Blade has his own plans that are motivated by his love for Kelly.  He will slowly guide her into the realms of erotic pain and utmost pleasure until she will yield up everything to him in full. 

Leah Brooke takes us back to Desire, Oklahoma in Bladeís Desire by exploring Kelly and Bladeís newly evolving relationship.  This author does an excellent job of chronicling every inch of what it means to be in a healthy, safe and loving BDSM relationship between two consenting adults.  When I started reading this series, I didnít know what to expect.  Iím pleased to say that Iíve stumbled on an author thatís talented at telling her stories with love, skill and originality.

Kelly and Blade are first introduced in Desire for Three featuring Jesse Erickson and her husbands, Clayton and Rio.  Blade takes his responsibilities as a Dom very, very seriously in his personal and work life.  Whatís amazing and superb is that when he falls harder for Kelly, he learns more about his own heart, mind and soul as a Dom.  He find himself evolving to a different and more complex level of dominance that is by far more rewarding than anything heís ever experienced.  He learns this through trial and error with Kelly.  In turn, it warmed my heart to see Kelly heal and grow after spending years in an abusive, destructive and humiliating relationship with a psychotic man.  There are many readers who will understand and relate to her story on some level, and anyone reading this story will appreciate Ms. Brookeís insightful, solid and thoughtful handling of this subject.  I cheered for Kelly when she regained her strength, sexuality and confidence, reminding me that many women (and men) are not this fortunate.

Bladeís Desire is set in the unique town of Desire, Oklahoma where men protect, worship and dominate the women who live and love within the iron clad rules that work for everyone.  Ms. Brookeís Desire series earns platinum stars, especially for this excellently written sequel that demonstrates the truth behind BDSM lifestyles with characters that will make you smile, cry, laugh and blush.  No matter what you prefer behind closed doors, the sex is hotter than the noon day sun in July and with some well placed nudges in the plot, the author has already set everything up for the next installment. Dare I say that Iím looking forward to reading and reviewing the sequel to Bladeís Desire?  Since Iím Joyfully Recommending it, you better believe it.


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