Betrayed by Jamie Leigh Hansen

St. Martin’s Press


ISBN: 978-0-7653-5620-5

Reviewed by Emma



Dreux has been locked in stone for nine out of ten lives. Each life has ended in a horrible death. He remembers every one of his beloved Kalyss’ lives and every one of her deaths. He has one chance left to find eternity in the arms of his love.

Kalyss has been reincarnated nine times. In each reincarnation she has seen her love die. In each reincarnation she also has to remember and relive the past in order to use this knowledge to grow stronger and hopefully complete the cycle. However, this life has not been good to her. Is she strong enough to move forward? To break the spell of betrayal? Or will she end up spending eternity alone, without her beloved Dreux?

Betrayed is a haunting tale of forever love. With each life Kalyss has more pain to sort through in order to move forward. Whereas, Dreux has not forgotten a single moment of their pain. I loved this book from beginning to end. Even with the sorrow of the past and the present, Kalyss and Dreux are strong creatures that fight for what everyone should have – a love that can last for lifetimes. Betrayed is a book that ends up with a permanent spot on the reread shelf in every lifetime. 


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