Tinder by Tory Temple
Torquere Press
Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: (13) 978-1-60370-176-1; (10) 1-60370-176-1
Reviewed by Sabella




Chris Matthews loves his job as a firefighter – even the hours spent in the classroom. However, the instructor that has been teaching Chris’ crew these last couple of months has been driving Chris nuts with his arrogance and disdainful attitude. The really annoying thing is that Chris finds the insufferable Morgan Daniels attractive – to the point that the man features prominently in Chris’ fantasies to get himself off.  Somehow, in spite of their obvious dislike of one another Chris and Morgan end up hitting the sheets…but they are not dating, are they?

Morgan Daniels has a justified dislike for firefighters – they take insane and reckless risks with their lives. Nothing proves his point better than his heated encounter with Chris in a diner bathroom. Still, Morgan can’t seem to stay away from the man – but that does not mean that they are dating! After all, how can you date someone with whom you constantly argue and the only thing they seem to have in common is bone-meltingly hot sex?

Tinder is an awesome story so full of genuine emotion and raw passion. Chris and Morgan are genuine men who let their actions speak for them rather than outright talking about their “feelings” which makes for a lot of arguing that gets resolved in truly “fun” ways. As these two men come together at first only for sex and then to enjoy each other’s company they will singe your fingers as they melt your heart.  From the very beginning Chris will catch your attention and not let it go as you watch him stumble into love with a man that he is not sure he likes – but, oh the things they get up to will raise your temperature while burrowing into your heart!  If you have never read a book by Tory Temple, Tinder is an awesome place to start as Chris and Morgan are so vividly written that they will pull you into the story from the first page.  I truly hope that Tory Temple brings back Chris and Morgan soon to catch us up on their life together as they are characters that will capture your imagination.  Tinder is the perfect read for a day that you are looking for a story that will satisfy your romantic heart and cravings for a great erotic and emotional read – buy yourself Tinder today, I Joyfully Recommend it!


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