The Murder Game by Beverly Barton
The Game Series, Book 2
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0821776902
Reviewed by Annmarie




A vicious psychopath is on the hunt.  He preys on athletic women, forcing them to play his sadistic game.  The game is for them to run, hide and, if they can outwit him, escape.  But no one has bested him yet, and when he does capture his prey, his evil is truly unleashed.

Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter have worked together once before to put away a serial killer.  This new sadist is the worst they have ever seen and he’s forcing them to play the game with him.  When the game is murder, Griffin will do whatever it takes to keep Nicole safe from this psychopath’s demented scheme.

I adore the way Beverly Barton writes romantic suspense!  She sends me into the heebie jeebies and rewards me with the hot and squirmies.  Ms. Barton is a top notch suspense writer taking the reader on a dark and twisted journey.  Add to that the heated passion she gifts her hero and heroine and the reader gets a fantastic escape.  The Murder Game is a must read for fans of this genre and anyone else looking for quality fiction.


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