Tanner's Devil by Sylvia Hubbard
Self published
I/R Erotica
ISBN: 978-1-4357-0073- 4
Reviewed by Nellie




Tanner was born and raised in the streets. Her mother was a street doctor so Tanner started weaving a scalpel at a very young age. The road to legitimacy in Tannerís profession was hindered by her ex-pimp and boyfriend Donetello and a large amount of money she owed for college. When an opportunity presented itself, Tanner steps in to cover for a friend in servicing a John to earn money to cover her debt.

Devlin Sanchez was no ordinary John but a 30 something virgin Duke. He had just broken off with his fiancť on their wedding day and hightailed off to Detroit to rid himself of his virgin state. After one night filled with passion, Devlin could not get enough of Tanner, so he devised a three months business proposition in which they could live in each otherís lives. Things get complicated as Devlinís mother insists on a reunion with his fiancť and foists Richard on Tanner to become romantically involved. Tanner and Devlinís time together runs out as truths are threatened to be revealed but a greater threat comes from Donetello who will not rest until he has Tanner in his grasp.     

This is Pretty Women at its best with a little twist in it. Sylvia Hubbard is a true virtuoso in the field of writing suspense romance stories. In Tannerís Devil there are so many twists and turns but most of all action, romance, cliffhangers and unpredictability. The main characters are flawed which gives the story a realistic feel to it and the length and the content in each page are worth the read. In this story you can truly escape into another world, despite a few syntax and semantic errors towards the end this is a Joyfully Recommended read.


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