Stocking Stuffers by Jamie Hill
M/M Contempory
ISBN: 978-1-59426-802-1
Reviewed by Raine




In the small town of Mabel, Ben and his sister run their family store after the passing of their father. Two years prior, Ben had been dating Dean, and his unwillingness to leave the small town to follow Dean to city had become a battle between the men, one they couldnít resolve. Now two years later, Deanís come home for the holidays and is desperately trying to make things work so both can have a shot at being happy and complete once more.

Ben is a down-to-earth, good son, good neighbor and all around great guy. He loves the small town he lives in and is accepted there by all for who he is. Dean is an ďall about meĒ city slicker kind of guy, but his one redeeming quality is that he genuinely loves Ben and wants them back together again. I totally bawled at Stocking Stuffers conclusion; it was oh so good! I loved this book and am joyfully recommending it as a must read.


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