Shades of Silver by Nathalie Gray
Shades, Book 1
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 9781419913754
Reviewed by Indy




The first thing you are told about hiking is to never go alone. As an American on vacation in Germany the rule was doubly important but Audrey Pullman had something to prove to all the naysayers in her life.  More importantly she wanted to prove she could do this on her own. Audrey’s stubbornness to do things her way leads her right into trouble. As luck would have it, Audrey has disturbed the prison that holds a group of Shades, demons who have preyed for years on the desires and obsessions of men, and they want out. Willing to use the vulnerable woman and her overwhelming emotions to once again reign free, not all the Shades are created equally. Some of them are willing to take the senescence needed to break their chains of captivity and to flourish once again. Echion has always used a softer touch to ensnare the humans who came to him for the pleasure his kind is known for. Some of his brother’s are not as gentle and as Echion becomes more attached to the beautiful spirit Audrey shows, he finds he’s not so willing to share with his brethren and the thought of gorging on her spirit until nothing is left leaves him horrified.

In a world where most of us walk around clueless to the evil that surrounds us the heroine in Shades of Silver gets an up close and personal look at the beauty and devastation evil can work.  Audrey is a far from perfect individual with personal demons that leave her vulnerable and prone to self destruction. She’s easy prey for the demons that look to steal her spirit. Echion, a participant in past misdeeds connects so much with Audrey that the goodness of her true emotions for him shatters his perception of what is right when it comes to using humans as food for his own personal lusts. Audrey and Echion experience devastation that would leave either broken if not for the hope they bring one another.  I have to bow down to the brilliance of Nathalie Gray. She continues to amaze me with the creative juices that seemed to flow from her brain onto the pages of some of the most astounding pieces of work I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Not afraid to place taboo subjects and acts in the hands of readers. I must admit her work appeals to the side of me that loves to be stunned, that enjoys the slight cringes that come from dastardly acts and the sense of righteousness when good conquers evil after all. I, with great admiration, Joyfully Recommend Shades of Silver to anyone strong enough to handle a romance built not only with love but also the pain of perseverance.  

 Disclaimer: There are some sexual situations that are non-consentual in this story.


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