Pride and Consequence by AlTonya Washington
Kimani Press
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-373-86042-5
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Malik and Zakira Badu were very much in love with each other and all was well within their marriage.  That was until a devastating tragedy struck in the form of a deadly disease for Malik.  Instead of having his wife by his side during his lowest, darkest moment, Malik allowed his stubbornness and pride to rule his thinking.  He pushed Zakira away and walked out on their booming restaurant business.  And then, when a miracle happened and Malik was cured, he wanted to reclaim the life he once shared with his beautiful wife.  But Zakira wasn’t having it.  There was no way she was going to make things easy for Malik, especially after the cruel way that he treated her and robbed her of her grieving feelings that she wanted to share with her dying husband.  Is this the end?  Has too much happened for forgiveness to enter the picture?

Pride and Consequence brought forth a magnitude of emotions from me and 99.9% of them were anger towards Malik.  Yet, I could not put this book down until I read every last word.  This alone begat a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read from me.  I have never been in Zakira’s situation; however, I can almost say without a doubt that I would not have put up with Malik’s behavior for as long as she did.  Zakira should have kicked him to the curb, especially when he refused to tell her what was going on with him.  Nevertheless, with all that said, I felt sorry for Malik.  He was thrown a hard curve ball with a great possibility of death on the horizon.  With the alpha type of personality that he had, he dealt with the situation the only way he knew how.  He thought he was making things easier for his wife; instead he only made things worse.  I never once thought that he did not love Zakira.  What a mess!  Malik soon learned that actions from a stubborn pride produced hard consequences.  It wasn’t so simple to walk back into what was so easily thrown away – which was a great lesson learned. 


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