Once Upon a Starry Knight by Bobbie Russell
Coming for Christmas
Total-e-Bound Publishing
Seasonal Short/Contemporary/Fairytale
ISBN: 978-1-906328-56-6
Reviewed by Jambrea




Tom Powers needs a break from his hectic life and when he sees Brian Bentley in a company newsletter he cooks up a wacky plan.  Tom and Brian change places for two weeks to see how the other half lives.  All Tom has to do is take over Brianís line work and Brian just needs to take a vacation.  Should be simple, right?  But things get complicated when Tom meets Jordan Scott.  Will he be able to keep Jordan when she finds out the truth?  Can Jordan forgive Tom for his big lie?

Once Upon a Starry Knight is a classic fairytale with a lot of hot steamy sex thrown in for good measure.  Bobbie Russell knows how to grab your attention and hold on to it.  I was pulling for Tom in the end and was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Jordan would do.  Ms. Russell didnít disappoint and Once Upon a Starry Knight was so good that Iím Joyfully Recommending it and off to see what else Ms Russell has up her sleve.


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