Off World: Ceremony by Stephanie Vaughan
Torquere Press
Gay Sci-Fi (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella




Cal is on a treasure hunt but he is starting to lose his patience with all the running around – especially with the getup that Sarhaan has him wear.  But as Cal reaches his destination Sarhaan has a bigger surprise in store for Cal – but will Cal understand the significance of it?

Off World: Ceremony is an awesome installment that catches us up with the lives of Cal and Sarhaan.  As we have come to expect this episode in their lives is lava hot and it packs enough emotion from the normally reticent Sarhaan to sweep you into the story.  If you haven’t met the men from the Off World series this is you chance to get a taste but if you are already a fan then this should be on your must have list!  Stephanie Vaughan has once again written a book that proves what a wonderful storyteller she is – get Off World: Ceremony for yourself today and be ready for a scorching read! I Joyfully Recommend it.


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