October Knight by Kirby Crow
Arcana: The Eight of Swords
Torquere Press
Contemporary M/M
ISBN: 978-1-60370-215-7
Reviewed by Beth Anne




Ah, now here’s romance!  Nineteen-year-old Pasha is a Russian student attending an American University, studying literature and a would-be Poet when he meets twenty-eight year old Nigerian student Maximilian.  Pasha and Max’s budding relationship is sweet to watch, as Max is well aware of Pasha’s inexperience. 

But before Pasha and Max take their relationship to the next step, Pasha is informed that his family can no longer afford his college tuition and he needs to go home. In October Knight, Pasha is offered a way to “earn” his tuition and is afraid of losing Max in the process. I liked the love and tender care Max showed Pasha throughout the story, and Pasha’s innocence. Max had me early on when he says to Pasha, "Listen to me and remember this: any man you take as a lover should worship this part of you."  I liked Max’s vulnerability to Pasha and his take control attitude.  After reading, I was left with a warm and fuzzy feeling and a smile on my face. October Knight is definitely one of my Joyfully Recommended Reads!


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