Make Mine a Double by Michele Bardsley
Rookery Cove Series
Changeling Press LLC
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-683-4
Reviewed by Lisa




An overbearing father and overprotective older brothers were destroying any chance of Charlotte “Charli” Maguire having any kind of a sex life.  If they had their way, Charli would remain alone until the day she died.

Hatched and raised at Rookery Cove, Brim and Stone are destined to be the dragon protectors for the very heart of the island.  The only hitch is finding the woman who would complete the two men and allow the final transformation to true dragons.

Charli wins a free trip to Rookery Cove after purchasing a very special dual sex toy.  Ignoring threats and cajoling from her family, Charli arrives at the island and intends to make this trip something special.  During the tour of the plant, the Fantasy Room is offered for her use and Charli is wishing for her most special desire– two hunks at once.  Sometimes wishes do come true.

Make Mine a Double stirs fantasy, whimsy and scorching hot sex into a surefire winner!  The Rookery Cove series is always a must see on my own reading list and this latest entry doesn’t disappoint.  Brim and Stone make my knees go weak – if only they were real, sigh.  Author Michele Bardsley delivers a threesome tale that sizzles and burns like the sun ‘til “the end” rears its ugly head. 


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