Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
Grand Central Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0446619127
Reviewed by Tanya




All the Campbells know is that the MacGregors are ruthless, unscrupulous madmen, and since they have been proscribed, they shouldnít even exist any longer. 

All the MacGregors know is that the Campbells are lower than low, thieving men who wonít even hesitate to imprison children for years.

What will happen when Callum MacGregor saves Kate Campbell in a sword fight?  He finds her intriguing and though she is able to hold her own against a number of the foes, in the end she is tiring and he rides in to save her.  The first thing this headstrong woman does is take a swing at him, thinking he is also attacking her.  But when it is discovered she is the only survivor of the attack, he kidnaps her to use as ransom, to draw her snake of an uncle out.

Kate is drawn to this man.  She canít believe it is her hated enemy but she also canít help her feelings.  If he is really so bad why does he stick up for those who need help, and why are his men so loyal?

Callum canít believe the first woman who has held his attention in years is a Campbell.  Even though he is drawn to her, he knows it would never work.  He would be betraying his clan and most importantly, his sister.  But he and his men are all intrigued by her actions. how she never complains and doesnít seem to act like most of the Campbells they know.  Can he take a chance and possibly give in to his feelings?

Laird of the Mist is one of the best Scottish Highland romances I have read, and I read a lot.  The author did a fantastic job in showing how prejudices are taught and if they are taught young enough, it is hard to overcome them, but possible.  Her heroine is strong, smart, understanding and not afraid to take a stand.  Additionally Ms. Quinn was able to take an actual historical event and build a number of believable characters around the situation.  The only thing that disappoints me is that I have to wait for another 6+ months for her next book to be available.  Laird of the Mist was easy for me to Joyfully Recommend as a must read.


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