Highlander Unmasked by Monica McCarty
Highlander Series, Book 2
Ballantine Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-345-49437-5
Reviewed by Annmarie




Alex MacLeod has perfected his disguise of hardened mercenary.  His masquerade allows him to secretly work on behalf of his clan.  Alex’s undercover mission is nearing an end and is more dangerous than ever.  But Alex’s mission may be compromised by the lovely Meg Mackinnon. 

When he saved Meg from bandits, Alex never imagined he’d see her again.  Unfortunately for Alex’s plan, Meg is at court also.  Meg is searching for a strong husband to lead her clan.  As a mercenary, Alex cannot be considered as a husband.  Although Meg knows Alex isn’t suitable, she cannot stop thinking about him.  When Meg realizes Alex is not what he seems, she dares him to reveal his true self despite the risks to them both.

I had a horrible crush on Alex from Highlander Untamed.  I just knew he’d be too delicious for words.  He is!  Virile, strong and handsome, I wanted to lick him all over.  I can totally understand why Meg found him irresistible. I adore these Highlanders and want one of my own!  Monica McCarty’s Highlander Unmasked is chock full of suspense, political intrigue, passion, and romance.  Highlander Unmasked is delightful!


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