Forbidden Pleasure by Lora Leigh
Bound Hearts, Book 8
St. Martins
Erotic Contemporary/Ménage
ISBN: 978-0-312-36871-5
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Former FBI agent John ‘Mac’ McCoy and his wife Keiley have been married for three years. Three years in which Mac has denied his secret wants and needs.  Needs to see Keiley fulfilled in the way only an established member of The Club fulfills his woman. Alas, Mac resigned his membership to The Club upon his marriage to Keiley and left that life behind. He thought the yearnings would go away as time past and while he loves Keiley with every breath in his body, he longs to see the desire in her eyes when she is loved by two men. 

After three years of marriage, Keiley Hardin knows something has changed in Mac. Prior to their marriage, she heard rumors of his sex life and she can't help but wonder if the changes she senses have something to do with those rumors.  She knows that Mac loves her and she loves him.  Maybe that is why she is pushing him so hard – she wishes she could get Mac to tell her what he needs.  Keiley’s wish comes true faster than she thinks. It seems Mac intends to show her what he needs now that his best friend Jethro Riggs has arrived. 

Jethro has never really belonged anywhere before. Never had anything to call his own. When his best friend Mac asks him to come to North Carolina for an extended visit, Jethro doesn’t realize that he is going home and he will not want to ever leave. 

Mac and Jethro introduce Keiley into pleasures so forbidden that they are only whispered about in closely-knit gossip circles. There is one thing that casts a cloud on their love for Keiley and it comes in the form of a stalker.  It seems a past case of Mac's has come back to haunt him and Keiley is the supposed victim.  The deadly stalker has set his sights on Keiley and it will take Jethro and Mac to protect her.

Forbidden Pleasure should come with its own warning label. I swear it made my forehead sweat, my palms get wet, and I could NOT stop reading. Lora Leigh has taken her first New York Bound Hearts novel and absolutely upped the ante on the sex, the emotions, and the story. A fan of her Bound Hearts series, I thought I had pretty much picked a favorite of the series and with the first two chapters of Forbidden Pleasure, that all went out the window. I watched Mac love his wife and while he loved her completely and unconditionally, I could see the yearnings he had.  Keiley was a strong heroine. Not a pushover by any means, she kept her two men pretty much towing the line. Her characterization was sexy personified but innocent at the same time. Jethro Riggs. What a simple name. Never again will I think of the name Jethro and not think of this character. Bad boy to a "t", underneath it all he was a lonely but lovable man who cherished Keiley as much as Mac.  Put these three together, and the results were combustible.

Forbidden Pleasure was an automatic read for me.  If you are a lover of ménages, then I strongly suggest trying Forbidden Pleasure. The emotions, the sensuality, and the forbidden pleasures are tremendously sumptuous and over the top hot.  I Joyfully Recommend it.


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