Falling For You by Eve Ashbury
One Hot Summer, Book 3
Whiskey Creek Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59374-886-9
Reviewer: Melissa




Dana Van Diver knows that her affair with Jake Jessup is going nowhere. Although she finds herself falling in love with him, Jake’s heart will forever belong to his fiancée who was so cruelly taken from him in an accident. When Jake realizes that Dana is starting to care for him, he quickly takes steps to end their relationship. He knows that it’s unfair to use her when he can never love her. But as time goes on and Jake realizes that he may have truly lost Dana forever, will he realize that what he felt was love all long?

I LOVE EVE ASHBURY!!! Falling for You takes the reader on a trip, from total frustration with Jake, empathy for Dana and finally the satisfaction of a romance that delivers. I definitely Joyfully Recommend Falling for You for readers who are looking for story that will leave you smiling and hunting for the other books in Ms. Ashbury’s One Hot Summer series along with her equally tempting historical romances while holding your breath waiting for the next offering from Eve Ashbury!


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