Falling:  An Erotic Love Story by Cameron Dane
Loose Id
M/M Paranormal Shapeshifter
ISBN: 978-1-59632-608-8
Reviewed by Ley




Death is the consequence Cain Hawkins would have to face if he gave into his desire to be loved, simply because his desires are for a man and not a woman.  Naverto Demon law says to execute anyone of their clan who engage in same sex alliances for this act would eliminate any chance of reproducing to continue the clan.  Even though Cain never embraced the full demon life and has separated himself from the clan he cannot escape their laws, as a result he has never been intimate with anyone.  To overcome his sexual frustrations, Cain immersed himself in his work, and his love for taking care of abused horses and rehabilitating them.  Content with the love of his chosen family and living in solitude with his horses, he had everything under control until Luke Forrester entered his life.

Beaten and abused by his former boss for being gay, Luke was taken in by his best friend.  Luke also has a love for horses and a talent for training them, which led his best-friendís husband, who was unaware of Lukeís sexual orientation, to get him a job working with his brother Cain.  Luke has had a crush on Cain for a while and to work beside him taking care of horses, something they both loved was a dream come true for Luke.

Neither man was aware of the otherís sexual orientation but the attraction between the two was impossible to deny.  Luke only knew he has never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Cain, and Cain the 175-year-old demon virgin was willing to accept death to feel what it was like to be loved by Luke.

I found myself immediately engrossed in Falling: An Erotic Love Story the sequel to Demon Moon. I was extremely moved by the depth of love and unselfishness of not only Luke and Cain with each other but also with their families.  Cameron Dane did a fantastic job in making me love demons, well at least this demon.  Cain is a big, tough cowboy and an even tougher demon. It is a surprise heĎs as sweet and as lovingly as he is.  Lukeís unconditional love for Cain gives Cain the strength to fight his clanís laws and endure whatever it would take for them to be together.  Lukeís mental strength was awe-inspiring. He survived the torturous abuse of his former boss and never allowed himself to believe he was to blame.  He rose above being a victim, refused to be ashamed of who he was and opened his heart and soul to Cain.  I enjoyed Falling: An Erotic Love Story very much and I Joyfully Recommend it!

Note: Even though this is a sequel it does stand-alone.


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