Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna
Erotic Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-0-7582-1187-3
Reviewed by Nannette




Becca Cattrell is the event organizer for the Cardinal Creek Country Club. She is on secluded Frakes Island licking her wounds after her fiancé—make that ex-fiancé—cheated on her. Deciding to be adventurous for a change, Becca slips into the neighbor’s pool for a little skinny-dipping. Just as she’s starting to relax though, she’s literally dragged out of her solitude by a huge angry man with a gun. 

Nick Ward is working undercover, setting up a house on Frakes Island in his latest attempt to kill Vadim Zhoglo.  When the silent alarm is tripped in the house, Nick finds Becca in the pool. Once he’s convinced she hasn’t been sent to kill him, Nick decides to act on his intense attraction to her, offering her the adventure of a lifetime in his bed.  The night ends badly though when Nick’s attitude changes and he runs Becca off, believing she’s safer away from him. The next day, just as Zhoglo and his men arrive, so does Becca. Her bad timing makes her a player in one of Zhoglo’s dangerous games. If Becca doesn’t play along, she’ll be begging for death after the torture she’ll suffer at Zhoglo’s hands. Nick has two choices: save Becca or save the little girl he let slip into this madman’s hands. 

Extreme Danger took me on an intense, spine tingling ride that held me riveted to every page. The villains are so evil, the letters are blacker wherever their names are printed on the pages. Nick is magnificent. There is no measurement for a man this alpha male. He is his own breed.  And  Becca, sweet, beautiful, tough-as-nails Becca, is amazing. Then there is the sex. It’s raw, consuming, and unbelievably hot. Extreme Danger is dark, edgy and extreme in every way. It’s outstanding!


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