Executive Decision by Mandy M. Roth
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60394-078-8
Reviewed by Ley




New York City native, Dale Corbin is what small-town girl, Liz Rogers liked most about living in New York City.  Meeting at the marketing firm that hired Liz right out of college, Dale quickly became her best-friend, semi-roommate, personal dresser and confidant.  Liz confided in him about everything...almost everything, she failed to mention her year-long affair with their boss Charles Baum which was nothing more than physical, and a secret she's kept over the years that could change the course of their relationship. 

Dale has loved Liz from the start, he loved her quick wit, her stubbornness and her ability to give as good as she gets.  He very much loved their relationship, and the comfortableness he felt when he was with her but he wanted more, he wanted everything.

Over the course of a weekend Dale and Liz are in for an emotional roller-coaster ride.  With the help and interference of family, friends and foes hopefully their wild ride will drive them straight into each otherís arms.

Executive Decision is an extremely entertaining story.  I loved Liz!  She says whatever is on her mind without thought of consequences.  It's obvious she cares for Dale as more than a friend but she's afraid of ruining what they have by trying to be more than that.  She uses her quick wit and charm to put on a bold front to hide her insecurities, especially her insecurity that she isn't good enough for Dale.  Dale also was a very likable guy, I thought he wore his heart on his sleeve for Liz and was surprised that she couldn't see it, or chose not to see it.  Through a lot of bad timing, miscommunication and comedic mishaps, I was laughing, fuming and smiling through this entire story.  Executive Decision fits the bill for anyone looking for a fun and entertaining break from reality. I Joyfully Recommend it.


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